About Kreutzer

Powerful motor systems

Complete e-bike sets

Pleasantly supported cycling in any form of bicycle mobility is a mission for Kreutzer. Developing fully advanced e-bike sets is in our genes. Kreutzer develops powerful e-bike sets of high quality, with a long life span and which efficiently use energy.

Safety and quality

Safety and quality are top priorities at Kreutzer. Our systems are all developed around the can-bus system that is also used in the automotive industry. This does not only mean that the communication between each specific component is always correct, but also that the system can be fully read out, so that any problems can be quickly detected and resolved. New techniques are constantly emerging. Kreutzer offers you the world of tomorrow.

Premium brand in partnership with Bafang

Kreutzer is a premium brand that has been developed on top of existing technology and in close cooperation with Bafang. High-quality displays, batteries, controllers and drive systems that work together optimally and are designed to provide the user with support that feels instantly familiar and offers maximum assistance when required.


In addition to being able to exchange components, the system can be read out easily. Data can be exchanged between dealer and manufacturer. Connectivity via cloud systems, with which the system is in continuous connection with a server, is the next step. This enables the user, for example, to lock his e-bike via an app. The GPS system also keeps track of the routes and distances ridden. Via the app, the user is informed when his e-bike is being relocated.